• In-House ballizing production as a sub-contractor
  • In-House ballizing production as a general contractor
  • Contract ballizing research and development
  • Ballizing machines, standard and custom design
  • Tooling design and construction
  • Sales and leasing of new and used Ball-O-Matic machines
  • Sales of standard and custom designed Tungsten Carbide Balls (many available for shipment on an immediate red tag basis)
  • Tungsten Carbide ball and water reconditioning
  • Sales of special lubricants, tooling, ballizing, and swaging supplies
  • Swaging research, product development, and production

National Ball-O-Matic

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Madison Heights, MI 48071
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The Balls

High precision tungsten carbide balls are the key factor in the ballizing process. In some cases they can maintain tolerances for more than 1 million cycles.

Although ballizing cannot be accomplished properly without Ball-O-Matic quipment, you might also use these balls without the Ball-O-Matic equipment-for GO or NO GO gauge balls, master size balls for setting amplifiers, and as inpection balls brazed to shanks. They can also be used as tracer heads, as tips, or for staking hubs to blanks and rotating valve stems.

National Ball-O-Matic offers fast delivery from a large stock on hand or specially made to any tolerance you specify with one R.M.S. finish. National Ball-O-Matic specializes in single ball sales. Most sizes to 1.000" are available on 24 hour delivery; diameters from 1.000" to 2.5000" require approximately 2 weeks for delivery.

Ball Speed

The ball's speed through it's special patented ball return track can be compared to that of a 22-caliber bullet at 100 yards. In general, the faster the ball travels in ballizing, the better the final finish and dimensional tolerance. This is why Ball-O-Matic equipment is designed for such high speed operation.


A special high flash point lubricant is used and offered by National Ball-O-Matic Inc. to extend the work life of the balls. The special lubricant helps make it possible to ballize even the most difficult materials. If you own or lease Ball-O-Matic equipment you should use this lubricant regularly and exclusively.