• In-House ballizing production as a sub-contractor
  • In-House ballizing production as a general contractor
  • Contract ballizing research and development
  • Ballizing machines, standard and custom design
  • Tooling design and construction
  • Sales and leasing of new and used Ball-O-Matic machines
  • Sales of standard and custom designed Tungsten Carbide Balls (many available for shipment on an immediate red tag basis)
  • Tungsten Carbide ball and water reconditioning
  • Sales of special lubricants, tooling, ballizing, and swaging supplies
  • Swaging research, product development, and production

National Ball-O-Matic

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With Ball-O-Matic ballizing being the high speed process that it is, yo ucan expext to work 1,000 to 1,700 pieces per hour with hand loading and up to 5,000 pieces per hour with automatic loading. Parts will be uniformly finished and sized. The Ball-O-Matic process leaves virtually no scrap or waste. It is a dry process; cleaning is not required. No abrasive residue is left in the pores.

An untrained operator can learn to use the Ball-O-Matic machine in fifteen minutes. The machines use a free-floating nest. Neither work piece nor tool rotates. Each sliding nest can handle two different parts or two holes in the same part.

With Ball-O-Matic ballizing, quality is so consistent that an hourly spot inspection is all that's needed.

Ball-O-Matic ballizing can deliver .00010 inch tolerance on a production basis, with microfinishes doen to 5 R.M.S. Blind holes, elbows, and S-shaped holes may also be successfully finished. Ballizing will not alter the centerline of the bore.

Ballizing is versatile in the materials, configurations, and processes that it can handle.