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  • In-House ballizing production as a general contractor
  • Contract ballizing research and development
  • Ballizing machines, standard and custom design
  • Tooling design and construction
  • Sales and leasing of new and used Ball-O-Matic machines
  • Sales of standard and custom designed Tungsten Carbide Balls (many available for shipment on an immediate red tag basis)
  • Tungsten Carbide ball and water reconditioning
  • Sales of special lubricants, tooling, ballizing, and swaging supplies
  • Swaging research, product development, and production

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Ballizing is a Clean, Inexpensive, and Consistent Process

Simultaneous deburring, sizing, and finishing-Ballizing can do it all economically. Plated parts, blind and multiple holes, press fitting inserts, expansion, and elongation...this is just the beginning with Ballizing.

The economies of deburring in the same operation as sizing and finishing (for example, milled slots in spool valves) provide many possibilities. Parts with equally milled cross slots or double cross holes less than 25% of diameter have no effect on the main bore tolerances. Elbows, S-bends, interrupted segments, or undercuts can be ballized to size.

Plated parts, particularly copper and cadmium platings, are ideal candidates for ballizing, since their surfaces provide natural lubrication for the hot-working process. Minute scratches, tears, or pores in the plating are filled with displaced plating material; thereby producing a smoother surface.

Special ball burnishing tools have been designed and developed for blindhole applications. Ball-O-Matic ballizing can do great things with multiple holes, correctingeccentricity in three or more successive diameters-to within .000050" between bore centerlines.

Inserts can be press fitted or staked into holes and sized in place with one operation. Motor bell housings are an ideal application.

Ballizing can expand and elongate thin walled tubular sections for staking cooling fins on heat conductors. Ballizing can eliminate brazing and soldering. Ballizing can expand sleeves to matching parts including rubber.

You can ballize sintered iron, brass, and other metals; lead, cadmium, copper, aluminum, mild steel, screw machine stock, tool steel, stainless steels, other nickel bearing alloys, and soft tungsten carbide. Exotic metals, steel forgings, and even some non-metals can be ballized.

If you have any unusual applications, check with us. Maybe we've already solved your problem with ballizing. Ask for specific time-saving and cost saving figures from our "New Part Applications" case history files. Request custom or standard processing, or purchase or lease your own Ball-O-Matic equipment. We'll even process up to 6 samples free of charge to demonstrate the value and capabiliites of Ballizing. Call us for more information.