• In-House ballizing production as a sub-contractor
  • In-House ballizing production as a general contractor
  • Contract ballizing research and development
  • Ballizing machines, standard and custom design
  • Tooling design and construction
  • Sales and leasing of new and used Ball-O-Matic machines
  • Sales of standard and custom designed Tungsten Carbide Balls (many available for shipment on an immediate red tag basis)
  • Tungsten Carbide ball and water reconditioning
  • Sales of special lubricants, tooling, ballizing, and swaging supplies
  • Swaging research, product development, and production

National Ball-O-Matic

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Madison Heights, MI 48071
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FU-10.25A (1.25 Ton Air)

This is a universal Ball-O-Matic model with interchangeable ball tracks and tooling, which is hand operated with an I.D. range of .06-.625 inches. Maximum length of a hole or height of part 2.50 inches, maximum throat of ball track 3.00 inches, required air pressure is 80 lbs. constant.

Overall size of machine is 42"w x 24"d x 76"h.

Automatic Universal FU-10.25 A.A. (1.25 Ton Air)

This is a converted universal Ball-O-Matic. Its automatic attachments can be removed quickly and easily for conversion back to hand operated and vice versa. It's just a matter of adjusting a few screws. Except for the increase in size, specs are the same as FU-10.25 A. Automatic control circuitry is air logic.

Production rate capability can be up to 5,000 pieces per hour depending on the part.


FU-5A (1/2 ton air) with an ID range of .020-.140 inches; maximum hole length 1.00 inches; maximum throat of track, 1.250 inches; required air pressure 40-70 lbs; overall size 9"w x 12"d x 22"h.


FU-7.5A (3/4 ton air) with an ID range of .062-.375 inches; maximum hole length 1.750 inches maximum throat of track 2.250 inches; required air pressure 40-70 lbs.; overall size 13"w x 15"d x 29"h.

Automatic Fixtures for single piece shuttle operation, produces production rates of 2.500-3,000 pieces per hour. Includes feed shuttle and dome covered parts hopper. Operation is fully automatic, including ejection of parts in receptacle. Machine automatically shuts down if part is not in position or if ball is not in position. Machine models available in sizes to 10 tons with correspondingly greater capabilities

Custom Ball-O-Matic equipment available:

National Ball-O-Matic offers a horizontal machine that can finish a 16 foot long tube with a 2" I.D., thus eliminating some very expensive honing. The tube is hand loaded into a retaining nest that keeps it straight during the ballizing operation. The retaining nest corrects part of the camber (bowed condition) of the tube during ballizing. This is a self-contained hydraulic unit that conserves floor space. The variable pump from 0-3,000 P.S.I. has speed controls for the ballizing ram. The ball track can be changed according to your specifications on a machine like this, ranging from 2" to 6" I.D.

A Shock Absorber Tube Sizing Machine

is another special item developed by national Ball-O-Matic. Production rate is 4 tubes in 4-1/2 seconds. The hot work-hardening effect of ballizing strengthens the wall of the tube, increases the wear life of the shock absorber and improves the micto finish to 5-10 R.M.S.


2,500 pcs/hr (Automatic Machine)

FU-30-H (3 Ton Hydraulic)

Running 12 Different Parts
1000 pcs/hr (manual machine)

FU-10.25 A.A. (1.25 Ton Air)

1500 pcs/hr (automatic machine)

FU-10.25A (1.25 Ton Air)

1600 pcs/hr (automatic machine)

FU-5A (.5 Ton Air)

600 pcs/hr (manual machine)

FU-100-H.H. (10 Ton Hydraulic)

Horizontal Machine for Long ID and Long Parts
600 pcs/hr (semi-automatic machine)

FU-60 H.A. (6 Ton Hydraulic)

In-Line Assembly 120 head/hr (automatic machine)